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San Luis Obispo Tile - Intricate, Hand Painted Designs

Applications: Suitable for interior and exterior applications for both residential and commercial areas.  The San Luis Obispo line is commonly used to highlight your walls, floors, benches, barbeques and fountains.


Outdoor use is subject to climate since our handmade tile is frost resistant.


Type and recommended grout width: is ¼ inch , use sanded grout when doing a  ¼ inch or more grout joint, and un-sanded grout when doing less than ¼ inch grout joint. We recommend sealing the grout joints after installation.  For more information contact your professional tile installer.


Installation Recommendations: Remove all material prior to installation to properly accommodate and balance the colors.

Lay out your pattern design on a table before final installation to assure the desired pattern.


Code: 20004


Code: 20006

Malibu 1

Code: 20010

San Luis Obispo

Code: 20011

Santa Fe 2

Code: 20026

Capitola 3

Code: 30654

Cordova 2

Code: 30849


Code: 30853

Palos Verdes 4

Code: 30861

Rosario 12

Code: 30901

Olive La Quinta 1 Gloss

Code: 30913

Olive Trinidad Gloss

Code: 30915

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